Patient information

Circulating tumor cells are cancer cells that have detached from a tumor already present in the body and have entered the bloodstream. Because these cells survive in the bloodstream and circulate with the blood, they are called circulating tumor cells (CTCs). They can pass through the bloodstream into various areas of the body where they form daughter tumors (metastases).

For various cancers, CTCs are considered as biomarkers and are used as an additional means of assessing disease progression and progression of treatment in clinical settings. In addition to the CTC number that can be measured, molecular changes of the tumor can be detected with the help of CTCs.

The monitoring of the CTCs allows the physician to monitor the course of therapy. This may allow non-effective treatments to be detected earlier and replaced with more appropriate ones.

Unlike tissue biopsy, which is invasive and in part associated with increased patient risk, the GILUPI methodology can be used minimally invasively, as often as desired and at short intervals of time. The GILUPI CellCollector® enriches circulating tumor cells directly in the bloodstream. To determine the CTCs, the front coated section of the GILUPI CellCollector® is cannulated for 30 minutes into a brachial vein. During use, the surface comes into contact with the blood and any tumor cells present therein. These are bound to the GILUPI CellCollector® and removed together with the product from the vein.

If you are interested in the GILUPI CellCollector®, discuss a possible application with your attending physician.


Laboratory analysis


After the application, up-to-date information on the cancer can be obtained by counting and characterizing the isolated tumor cells using special diagnostic procedures and detecting any changes in the tumor tissue still present in the body.





The analysis of circulating tumor cells with the GILUPI technology can be carried out within the framework of a private medical treatment agreement as well as with an IGe (individual healthcare) service. The costs are not yet covered by the statutory health insurance.