Dr. Christian Jurinke


Dr. Christian Jurinke has more than 20 years of experience in the technical and commercial sector of the biomedical industry for GILUPI GmbH. He began his career as a researcher at Sequenom in Germany and later continued to work as Director Product Development and Director Product Management for Sequenom. Back in Germany, he took over the position of Director Product Management in the start-up company Caprotec Bioanalytics. Before joining GILUPI he was managing director of Stratec Molecular GmbH in Berlin.

Dr. Christian Jurinke studied biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Hamburg where he wrote his doctoral thesis in the field of biochemistry.



Alexander Herrmann

Managing Director

Alexander Herrmann has completed a training as a banker and then completed a degree in business administration in Berlin. As a founder and more than 10 years on the board and later on the supervisory board, a venture capital-financed start-up and managing director of subsidiaries, ia. He brings a lot of experience in Singapore. In addition to the establishment of quality management systems (ISO 9001), he successfully supported several large financing rounds and company takeovers.

Alexander Herrmann has been managing director of GILUPI GmbH since July 2011 and manages the financial affairs of the company.