GILUPI CellCollector®

In vivo- technology for isolation of circulating tumor cells

The GILUPI CellCollector ® enables an efficient Isolation of CTCs. Tumor cells are isolated in vivo with highest sensitivity and selectivity for subsequent screening of clinically relevant parameters.

Presentation of blood screening in the patient

Der GILUPI CellCollector® bedient sich der “positiven Anreicherung” von CTCs – zirkulierende Tumorzellen werden mittels spezifischer Oberflächenmarker selektiv isoliert. Die größte Gruppe der Krebserkrankungen ist epithelialen Ursprungs und die von diesen Tumoren ausgehenden Zellen exprimieren epitheliale Zelloberflächenmarker wie das epitheliale Zelladhäsionsmolekül EpCAM [„epithelial cell adhesion molecule“]. Dieses Molekül dient auch als Marker zur positiven Anreicherung mit dem GILUPI CellCollector®.


The GILUPI method: innovative cell enrichment

The functional principle of the GILUPI CellCollector ® is based on its innovative and patented design:

  • Medical stainless steel wire (diameter 0.5 mm)

  • Rounded tip with gold coating as carrier of a three-dimensional polymer layer

  • Functionalized polymer – surface with covalently bound specific antibodies – for example targeting the cellular surface protein EpCAM

Unlike other methods, which as in vitro methods are limited by sample volume, the GILUPI CellCollector ® is able to capture the target cells in vivo directly from the bloodstream. EpCAM- positive tumor cells are attached to the covalently bound anti-EpCAM antibodies on the GILUPI Cell Collector ® surface.

Presentation of the unique characteristics

 The GILUPI Cell Collector ® is available in two versions: CANCER01 detector (DC01) and detector CANCER02 EpCAM (DC02). Both products are CE marked medical devices that meet all requirements of the Medical Device Directive (MDD).


The next generation products will focus on improved structural properties and the use of different antibodies or antibody combinations.


We also offer custom products. GILUPI has the expertise to attach antibodies or antibody combinations on the GILUPI CellCollector ® according to customer requirements. Other CTC subtypes (independent of EpCAM antibodies) can be addressed this way.


The patent portfolio of GILUPI consists of 9 patent families and other pending patent applications.

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