“Advancing diagnostic procedures for precision medicine”


As individual as the people are their illnesses. Especially in cancer, the variability of the tumors leads to strong differences in the respective response to a therapy. Integrating molecular diagnostics into clinical routine opens up the possibility of precisely characterizing patients and their disease at the genetic level and identifying the most effective therapy for the individual’s disease. Today we know that cancer cells can change or evolve over time. This poses an additional challenge to the treatment and suggests – especially under therapy pressure – a continuous diagnostic observation of the cancer occurrence.

GILUPI’s goal is to develop from our technology platform, the GILUPI CellCollector®, a portfolio of products that enable individual diagnostic approaches. For this purpose, circulating, disease-associated rare cells are enriched in the blood and analyzed with the highest precision and the most modern technologies.

Company history

GILUPI GmbH is an innovative and growing company in the biotechnology and medical technology industry. Our innovative products and underlying intellectual property enabled us to continuously expand our services and offerings. Below is a list of important organizational activities and milestones.

  • 2006

    Founding of GILUPI GmbH in Berlin

  • 2007

    Winner of the “Promotion of the Medical Technology Innovation Competition 2007”, a German award awarded by the BMBF

  • 2008

    Start-up financing

  • 2009

    First in vivo – use in a clinical trial

  • 2010

    1.Financing round

  • 2011

    Successful completion of the first two oncological clinical trials

    Opening of a branch in Greifswald

  • 2012

    CE-Certification for GILUPI CellCollector®

  • 2013

    Entry of strategic investor VIROAD Biotechnology

  • 2016

    First clinical publication: CTC detection and molecular characterization in lung carcinoma

  • 2017

    CFDA-Certification for GILUPI CellCollector®

    Admission to the Chinese market


The GILUPI GmbH has its headquarters in Potsdam, about 10 km southwest of Berlin, and a production site with GMP standard in Greifswald, about 200 km north of Berlin.



The headquarters in Potsdam was opened in 2007. The operative focus is on research and development, quality management, marketing and sales, diagnostics as well as organization and supervision of clinical trials.

2011 the clean room production in Greifswald was opened. The production facility covers approx. 160 m² and is located near the campus of the University of Greifswald.