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Circulating tumor cells
Gilupi method
Practice and clinical validation
Special features
Special features


1 Approved medical device
The GILUPI CellCollector® Detektor CANCER01 is CE approved according to the Council Directive concerning medical devices 93/42/EEC. Thus, it complies with the clinical and diagnostic requirements to be used in cancer patients applications.

1 Screening of larger blood volume
Because of its innovative in vivo technology, the GILUPI CellCollector® has no limitations associated with a small sample volume.

1 High purity of CTC isolation
The functionalized surface of the GILUPI CellCollector® minimizes the unspecific binding of other blood constituents; CTCs can be isolated with much less background compared to existing methods.

1 Low- risk application
The application is similar to a venous blood withdrawal, has a low risk, and puts little discomfort or stress on patients. The GILUPI CellCollector’s biocompatibility has been proven in various clinical studies.

1 Effective method
The isolation of CTCs using the GILUPI CellCollector® method is more effective than existing methods.

1 Good Integration into patients’ visit to their doctor
The application of the GILUPI CellCollector® can be integrated easily into outpatient/inpatient hospital stays.

1 Prompt reaction on further treatment possible
With the GILUPI CellCollector®, CTCs can be detected even in early stage cancers. A rapid diagnosis can be made with fast assessment of the progress of the disease, and the option to monitor the therapy.

1 Independence from lab facilities
Application of the GILUPI CellCollector® is possible at any Point-of-Care (also practicioners) regardless of its laboratory equipment. The analysis of applied GILUPI CellCollector®can be performed by established diagnostic laboratories or by the GILUPI lab.

1st in vivo CTC isolation CE approval worldwide >>
Application possible in all cancer indications, clinical results available for prostate, lung, breast and colorectal cancer >>
Proven safety and functionality >>
70% CTC detection rate >>
CTC detection in all cancer stages >>
GILUPI presentations of clinical results at the following meetings & exhibitions:
DGU (Dresden)
ECCO (Amsterdam)
EAU (Stockholm)
ACTC (Athens)
ISMRC (Paris)
ASCO (Chicago)
EBCC (Vienna)
ELCC (Geneva)
DKK (Berlin)
MEDICA (Düsseldorf)