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Circulating tumor cells
Gilupi method
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The GILUPI method: a revolutionary in vivo technology


Existing methods – in vitro   A revolutionary in vivo technology
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Current diagnostic approaches for the extraction of CTCs are in vitro methods with the inherent barrier of the small blood sample they depend on.
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The operating principle of the GILUPI CellCollector® is based on its innovative and patented design:

16 cm medical stainless steel wire (diameter 0,5 mm)
1 Rounded tip with 2 cm long layer of pure gold (carrier of a three-dimensional polymer functionalized layer) First Product generation Detector CANCER01
1 Functionalization through specific antibodies against cell surface antigens
(e.g. anti-EpCAM antibodies)

The GILUPI method overcomes the restrictions of a limited blood sample. While most diagnostic approaches today focus on maximizing the efficient exploitation of a blood sample, the GILUPI CellCollector® is designed to collect the targeted cells in vivo from the peripheral blood stream.

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During its 30 min in vivo application in a cubital arm vein, the GILUPI CellCollector® comes into contact with a large volume of the patient’s total blood volume. This is a significantly higher quantity of blood than found in blood samples using in vitro methods. Even at low concentrations of CTCs in the blood, the approach of the GILUPI CellCollector® increases the chances of isolating tumor cells – higher efficiency of CTC isolation.



The GILUPI CellCollector® is more specific and more efficient in the detection of EpCAM-positive CTCs than other existing in vitro methods. The EpCAM-positive tumor cells bind to anti-EpCAM-antibodies which are covalently attached to the GILUPI CellCollector® in vivo in the blood stream of a patient. The functionalized surface prevents the unspecific binding of other blood constituents – higher specificity of CTC isolation.


The GILUPI CellCollector® is available in two different product versions, Detektor CANCER01 (DC01) recommended for CTC enumeration and Detektor CANCER02 (DC02) recommended for further downstream analysis methods. Both products consist of a stainless steel wire, which has a functionalized surface at one end (gold and hydrogel coating with incorporated anti-EpCAM antibodies). The first generation product DC01 has a smooth, 2 cm long functionalized tip. The next generation product DC02 has a longer, 4 cm functionalized tip which consists of three thin twisted stainless steel wires for improved haemodynamic characteristics.

1st in vivo CTC isolation CE approval worldwide >>
Application possible in all cancer indications, clinical results available for prostate, lung, breast and colorectal cancer >>
Proven safety and functionality >>
70% CTC detection rate >>
CTC detection in all cancer stages >>
GILUPI presentations of clinical results at the following meetings & exhibitions:
DGU (Dresden)
ECCO (Amsterdam)
EAU (Stockholm)
ACTC (Athens)
ISMRC (Paris)
ASCO (Chicago)
EBCC (Vienna)
ELCC (Geneva)
DKK (Berlin)
MEDICA (Düsseldorf)