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Circulating tumor cells
Gilupi method
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Circulating tumor cells in oncology


Individualized oncological target therapies will gain increasing significance in the personalized medicine of tomorrow. The challenge is identifying the optimal drug for a specific cancer patient. The fundamental problem during this and in general with cancer patients is the systematic nature of their disease – not the localized tumor. Metastatic dissemination is the main cause of death by cancer, primarily due to its deterrent effect on successful treatment.

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) are individual cancer cells found in the peripheral blood of cancer patients. Clinical studies support the thesis that they are shed from a primary tumor mass and travel to anatomically distant sites via the peripheral blood stream. They reflect the more aggressive tumor clones which have the potential to develop into distant metastases.

Metastatic Cascade  

Graphic adapted from: The Kuhn Lab,

Cells grow as an
in situ lesion

Cells break through the basement membrane


Travel through the blood stream

Adhere to capillary wall

Escape from blood vessel (Extravasation)

Proliferate to form metastases

CTCs have increasing relevance in the prognosis for a patient, in monitoring the progress of the disease and in evaluating the success of therapy, because their presence correlates to disease relapse, progression and poor outcome. CTCs also reflect molecular alterations of the tumor in the course of the disease and their characterization enables physicians to immediately respond, and to tailor the therapy for the individual conditions of the patient.

1st in vivo CTC isolation CE approval worldwide >>
Application possible in all cancer indications, clinical results available for prostate, lung, breast and colorectal cancer >>
Proven safety and functionality >>
70% CTC detection rate >>
CTC detection in all cancer stages >>
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