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GILUPI CellCollector®in vivo CTC isolation


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The GILUPI CellCollector® is the first in vivo CTC isolation product worldwide which is CE approved.

The GILUPI CellCollector® has been deployed in more than 2200 patients, the results of lung, prostate, breast and colorectal cancer patients indicate consistent and high CTC detection rates and cell numbers (similar for early and late cancer stages). The GILUPI CellCollector® has a high CTC detection rate of 70% in early and 72% in late cancer stages.

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1st in vivo CTC isolation CE approval worldwide >>
Application possible in all cancer indications, clinical results available for prostate, lung, breast and colorectal cancer >>
Proven safety and functionality >>
70% CTC detection rate >>
CTC detection in all cancer stages >>
GILUPI presentations of clinical results at the following meetings & exhibitions:
DGU (Dresden)
ECCO (Amsterdam)
EAU (Stockholm)
ACTC (Athens)
ISMRC (Paris)
ASCO (Chicago)
EBCC (Vienna)
ELCC (Glasgow)
DKK (Berlin)
MEDICA (Düsseldorf)