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GILUPI CellCollector Timeline

Who we are and what we do

GILUPI is a medical device company with focus on the development and production of new innovative products for the in vivo isolation of rare cells from the circulation. These products are based on a unique patented technology. Currently, the main focus of GILUPI is the diagnostics market for cancer.

The innovative technology makes it possible to monitor the patient during therapy and after finishing a course of cancer medication. It works by directly “fishing” the target cells in the patient’s bloodstream. By using special diagnostic analyses, these isolated cells can be characterized and/or analyzed at a molecular level. Thus, statements regarding the current status of the disease or/and the prognosis can be made. In addition, the physician is able to adjust the treatment immediately and optimize the therapy of the patient.

The first approved product with this new technology is the GILUPI CellCollector® for the in vivo isolation of circulating tumor cells (CTCs). The GILUPI CellCollector® is the first in vivo CTC isolation product worldwide, which is CE approved.

For other clinical applications, such as cardiovascular disease or the diagnosis of bacterial infection in sepsis, other specific antibody coated devices that target different types of cells may be developed on the basis of research collaborations.

To meet the clinical and diagnostic product requirements, GILUPI is working together in collaborations with nationally and internationally recognized clinical and academic partners.